CCT 2019 Programme – Day 1

Tuesday the 4th of June 2019

Room 1

Welcome address from the US Department of Energy and the IEA Clean Coal Centre

Lou Hrkman
– Deputy Assistant Energy Secretary, US Department of Energy

Mi Shuhua
– Executive Vice-President, China Energy

Gopalakrishnan Venu
– Executive Director of Engineering, NTPC

Chair: Scott Smouse

The high-temperature retrofit of subcritical units
– Li Li, Shanghai Shenergy Technology Co.

Techno-economic modelling analysis on power plant performance optimizations
– Bin Xu, NICE America Research Inc.

Plant operation optimisation supported by an intelligent control system
– Kazuhiro Domoto, MHPS

Reducing costs, increasing reliability and meeting the latest ELVs by improving combustion
– Larry Berg, RJM

The progress of CFB in China – efficiency and emission control
– Hai Zhang, Tsinghua University

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Chair: Gopalakrishnan Venu

Development of HELE technology at China Energy
– Zhang Wenjian, China Energy

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United States Advanced Ultra-Supercritical Project Including Full-Scale 760°C Superheater and Steam Turbine Components
– Horst Hack, EPRI

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The Indian AUSC programme
– Shri Anil Kumar, BHEL

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A new degree of all turbine casings elevated arrangement for high-efficiency double reheat units
– Li Li,  Shanghai Shenergy Power Technology Co., Ltd.

Application of INCONEL alloy 740H in High Pressure – High temperature Power Systems – Stephen McCoy, Special Metals

Chair: Bin Xu

Digital twin technology for clean coal
– Anirudh Deodhar, Tata Consultancy Services

Increasing the load swing capacity of coal fired steam generators by online coal mass flow measurements and DCS modifications
– Stephan Larmann, Promecon USA Inc.

CFD-based chemistry submodels to design and optimize dry sorbent injection systems for acid gas removal
– Ron Hurst, Ammegen Limited

Usage of both tunable diode lasers and differential Chemilumenesence technologies for NH3 ‘slip’ measurement
– Jeremy Whorton, ThermoFisher

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Thermooptical measuring technique – a high efficient tool to increase the efficiency of coal combustion and minimize negative emissions
– Andreas Diegeler, Fraunhofer ISC

Room 2

Chair: Samson Bada

Comparison of the blending effects of three types of biomasses with low rank lignite on pyrolysis and combustion processes
– Arzu Kanca, Ataturk University

Modelling the emissions from a fuel flexible power plant and the impact on NOx emissions of coal with biomass ash in co-combustion
– Richard Birley, University of Leeds

The realization of low emissions of briquette combustion in a coal-fired stove by decoupling combustion technology
– Nan Zhang, Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Chair: Pilar Gayan

Demonstration and current activities for commercialisation of oxyfuel technology toward zero-emission coal-fired power plants
– Mizuki Nishimura, IHI Corporation

Advanced exergetic analysis of a coal-fired cryogenic oxyfuel power plant with 700ᵒC technology
– Jorge Renzo Castillo Paz, Institute for Energy Engineering, TU Berlin

Lab-scale experimental characteristics of an oxy-coal combustion with steam moderation
– Ana I. Escudero, University of Zaragoza

Combustion characteristics of an anthracite coal in 2 MWe oxy-CFB boiler
– See Hoon Lee, Chonbuk National University

The impact of burner staging on NO reburning during oxy-coal combustion
– Thomas Yelland, University of Sheffield

Chair: Hai Zhang

Numerical investigation on ammonia co-firing in a pulverized coal combustion facility
– Juwei Zhang, IHI Corporation

Supporting the migration from coal to a new generation of engineered fuels using a mix of biogenic and non-recyclable waste materials for thermal power plants
– John Goldring and Christopher Biggs, RJM

Physico-chemical characteristics and co-firing of Searsia lancea and Tamarix usenoides with high ash coal
– Samson Bada, University of the Witwatersrand

Development of coal-fired power generation technology in China

– Huang Jingjing, China Power Engineering Consulting Group Co.

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Room 3

Chair: Paul Baruya

Rare earth elements from coal and coal by-products
– Mary Anne Alvin, NETL

Recovery of rare earth elements from acid mine drainage
– Paul Ziemkiewicz, West Virginia University

Porous carbon materials from South Africa coal wastes for gas storage applications: synthesis and characterization
–  Jibril Abdulsalam, University of Witwatersrand

CO2 adsorption capacity of zeolites synthesised from coal fly ash
– Thiago Fernandes de Aquino, SATC

Chair: Heather Nikolic

The progress of NEDO’s IGCC demonstration project
– Yoichi Takahashi, NEDO

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IGCC with carbon capture: A comparison of technologies, efficiencies and cost for underground storage of hydrogen and substitute natural gas for flexible power generation
– Ruby Ray, Wood

Pulverised coal injection at 500 psi – GTI Dry Solids Pump development and testing for gasification applications
– Timothy Saunders, Gas Technology Institute

Modular gasification systems – coal-based energy systems for new applications
– David Lyons, NETL

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Chair: Kipp Coddington

The latest status of CO2 utilisation technologies
– Qian Zhu, IEA Clean Coal Centre

CO2 to SNG pilot plant at Tauron’s coal-fired power plant: initial results and further opportunities
– Adam Tatarczuk, Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal

Developments, promise, and research needed to enable the use of algae to monetize CO2 from coal power plants
–  Robert E. Falco, SolarClean Fuels LLC

Nano-engineered catalyst for the utilisation of CO2 in dry reforming to produce syngas
– Shiguang Li, Gas Technology Institute