US Department of State

The ICSC has carried out several projects on behalf of the US State Department. In 2016, Dr Lesley Sloss and Dr Colin Henderson prepared a review of the energy and efficiency challenges in India and presented this at a one-day workshop in Chennai, India. The workshop was attended by government, utilities, regulators and academia and fostered open discussion on energy issues unique to the region, such as coal quality and aging coal plants. The outcomes were summarised and delivered to the State Dept as a completed report. The project was successful and was repeated in South Africa a year later, focussing on the challenges specific to that region.

Phase 1:
A desk review of coal plants in Indonesia, creating a database of all aspects of plant operation, from coal type and installed air pollution control devices through to capacity factor and remaining life-time. In conjunction with the iPOG, an emission calculation tool produced by the UN Coal Partnership, it will be possible to predict current and future emissions on a plant by plant basis. Using these data and working in partnership with the Indonesian government and utilities, three plants will be identified which show the greatest potential for an effective emission reduction demonstration project. Workshops will be held at each of the plants to provide training and guidance on efficiency modifications, mass balance calculations and emission monitoring and to obtain up-to-date plant specific data.

Phase 2:
A second round of workshops will be held at the selected plants to which commercial emission control consultants and equipment vendors will be invited. Based on real data from each plant, these experts will be invited to propose full-scale demonstration projects. The ICSC along with the Indonesian Government and utilities will select the best project proposal to take forward.

Phase 3:
The ICSC will work to raise funding and to move the proposed project to fruition. At the same time, materials will be produced from Phase 1 and 2 to provide guidance to other regions on how to repeat this demonstration plant selection process.It is proposed that this project will be repeated in India and Vietnam, subject to additional funding.

The ICSC is currently finalising the details of a new project for the State Department entitled ‘Reducing emissions from the coal combustion sector in Indonesia’. This medium-large scale project will be carried out in three phases:

It is proposed that this project will be repeated in India and Vietnam, subject to additional funding.