Advance-Level Training on Best Practices and Handling of CEM (Continuous Emission Monitors)

Accurate emission data is vital for compliance monitoring and effective emission reduction strategies

22-24 November 2022
Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

28-29 November 2022
New Delhi

30 November 2022
New Delhi

As part of a major project to improve the efficiency and reduce emissions from the Indian coal fleet, the International Centre for Sustainable Carbon is offering a series of workshops in India. These workshops include an initial session aimed at key stakeholders (industry leaders, governmental bodies, utilities, and regulators) outlining how this project can help India deliver more cost-effective and cleaner power.

Our first workshops focused on coal-fired power plant flexibility.

These workshops will focus on monitoring pollutant emissions from coal-fired power plants. As the new emission norms are applied in India, coal-fired power plants are now legally obliged to install CEM systems to report emissions in real-time to their local State Pollution Control Board (SPCB). The success of this automated approach relies heavily on the correct installation and operation of CEM which, in turn, relies heavily on the skills of those operating and maintaining these systems.

This free(*) training course will empower attendees with the skills to improve the performance of their coal-fired power plant, with advantages such as:

  • The basis of CEM technologies – particulate matter, SO2 and NOx
  • Mercury CEM and alternative measurement strategies
  • CEM installation, operation, maintenance, and calibration
  • CEM data handling and assessment
  • Innovative experiences from State Pollution Control Boards
  • Hands-on-experience at a local plant site
  • Feedback, experience sharing, group discussions and Q&A

Upon completion of this workshop, delegates will receive a certificate to confirm the completion of course work on the accurate and appropriate use of CEM for compliance monitoring

The remaining time is dedicated to CEM users and operators who will benefit from training delivered by both international and national experts. On the third day, delegates will visit a local plant to view CEM in operation and will discuss the challenges associated with keeping this equipment operational and accurate. The final day will focus on data handling and will include group discussions and Q&A sessions to ensure that delegates have the opportunity to fill any gaps in their knowledge.

For any issues with logistics within India, please contact Sanjeev K Kanchan.

(*) The workshop is free. Coffee breaks, lunches and training materials are provided during the classroom sessions. Travel and accommodation costs are not provided.