HELE Programme

23- 24 May 2016

Monday 23 May

Dr Andrew Minchener OBE – IEA Clean Coal Centre

Clean coal technology for future power generation
Prof. Keiji Makino – JCOAL

Chair: Dr Andrew Minchener

Energy systems in transition – advancement of steam generator technology is key
Dr Frank Kluger – GE Boiler

Development of high efficiency and flexible steam turbine generator sets in a drastically changing energy mix
Dr Rainer Quinkertz – Siemens

USC CFBs for efficient, flexible, and clean power generation
Dr Edgardo Zabetta – Amec Foster Wheeler

Thermal plants and energy storage: contribution to flexibility and carbon reduction
Dr Arthur Heberle – Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe

Chair: Gopalakrishnan Venu

The direction of Japanese R&D for HELE coal-fired plant
Takahiko Miyao – NEDO

Performance of an integrated gasification direct-fired supercritical CO₂ power cycle
Nathan Weiland – National Energy Technology Laboratory

Coal-fired boiler design adapted to CO₂ Brayton cycle – review and analysis
Dr Yan Le Moullec – EDF China

Novel sCO₂ Allam Cycle for high-efficiency, low-cost and emission free power generation
Dr Xijia Lu – 8 Rivers Capital

DICE – A step change opportunity for coal
Louis James Wibberley – CSIRO

Chair: Prof. Keiji Makino

Experience from the IGCC plant
Kyouhei Nakamura – Osaki CoolGen Corporation

Progress of the GreenGen project
Dr Xu Shisen – China Huaneng Group

Advanced composite tube materials for IGCC applications
Timo Peltola – Sandvik

Performance baseline for oxy-coal MHD power plant with carbon capture
Nathan Weiland – National Energy Technology Laboratory

Tuesday 24 June

Chair: Dr Andrew Minchener

The current situation and prospect of clean development coal-fired power plants in China
Zhi Xuan Wang – China Electricity Council

Development path prospect of China’s advanced, high efficiency coal-fired power plants
Dr Wenkai Li – Electric Power Planning and Engineering Institute, China

US AUSC component test facility with 760°C superheater and steam turbine
Robert Purgert – Energy Industries of Ohio

Update to A-USC steam generator design and cost
Paul Weitzel – Babcock and Wilcox

Chair: Toby Lockwood

Material property requirements for design of high-temperature components for hyper-supercritical plant
Peter Barnard – Doosan Babcock

Sanicro 25 – a newly developed high strength heat resistant austenitic stainless steel for advanced high efficient coal fired power plants
Dr Prof. Guocai Chai – Sandvik

Fabrication and welding of INCONEL alloy 740H for high temperature, high pressure applications
Steve McCoy – Special Metals

Panel session – The future of AUSC coal plant
Expert panel

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Chair: Prof. Nenad Sarunac

Online intelligent flow control for coal and biomass conveying
Dr Neetin Lad – Greenbank

Monitoring of hot corrosion and ash deposition through electrochemical impedance spectroscopy for coal-fired boilers 20 minutes
Dr Hiroshi Naganuma – Tohoku Electric Power Engineering and Construction

Using the application of thermo-optical measuring method to increase the efficiency and minimize emissions of coal-fired plants
Dr Andreas Diegeler – Fraunhofer ISC

Impact of halides and operating parameters on Hg removal efficiency of wet FGD
Ida Masoomi – IFK Stuttgart

Chair: Dr Alberto Pettinau

Adopting a HELE upgrading pathway in the context of current Czech energy policy
Vladimir Budinsky – Severoceske doly

Effect of coal beneficiation on efficiency of advanced PCC power plants
Prof. Nenad Sarunac – University of North Carolina

Coal upgrading with Kumera steam dryer
Carl-Gustav Berg – Kumera

Reducing emissions of toxic trace elements by coal beneficiation and novel sorbents
Dr Rajender Gupta – University of Alberta

Potential of coal-water slurry as a fuel to utilize the low ranked (high-impurity) coal
Dr Suleman Tahir – University of Gujrat