2nd ICSC Energy Transition Workshop

Identifying the realities for power generation
and the wider economy

A joint event between the ICSC and Eskom
in Cape Town, South Africa

19-20 April 2023

The ICSC and Eskom held a two day workshop on 19-20 April with Eskom in Cape Town with the theme  The energy transition – identifying the realities for power generation and the wider economy

It included sessions on:

  • The policies – that influence the use of coal in various countries
  • The realities – including items such as load shedding in South Africa, and the renewed emphasis in Europe on energy security
  • Coping with renewables – a more technical session on introducing flexibility to coal-fired units and managing the grid
  • Coal in the circular economy – including the use of ash and gypsum and CO2 utilisation
  • Repowering and repurposing – reviewing European, South African and American plans and projects
  • Just energy transition – what is happening in Europe, South Africa and other regions
  • The future for coal – this session will focus on the cleaner use of coal for power generation

2-day workshop
incl. lunch & coffee breaks

The International Centre for Sustainable Carbon (ICSC) is part of an International Energy Agency organised network of functionally and legally autonomous collaborative partnerships focused on a wide range of energy technologies known as Technology Collaboration Programmes (TCPs). We provide independent information and analysis on how biomass, coal and other carbon sources can become cleaner sources of energy, compatible with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our comprehensive work programme includes the preparation of well-regarded policy relevant study reports together with a worldwide dissemination and outreach programme.