CCT 2019 Programme – Day 3

Thursday the 6th of June 2019

Room 1

Dave Begley, Vice President at GE Power – Steam Power Americas

Chair: Brian Ricketts

Introduction to the European Research Fund for Coal and Steel’s CoalTech2051 project  – coordinated by the IEA Clean Coal Centre and Euracoal

Panel discussion:

  • Noel Simento, ANLEC R&D.
  • Hisanori Nei, GRIPS, Japan
  • Luc Janssen, European Commission
  • Scott Smouse, US DOE
  • Anthony Ku, NICE America

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Chair: Chun Zou

Allam Cycle Coal – a novel clean coal supercritical CO2 power cycle
– Xijia Lu, 8 Rivers Capital

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The STEP 10 MWe sCO2 Pilot Plant TX demonstration
– John l. Marion, Gas Technology Institute

Developing a large pilot demonstration of flameless pressurized oxy-combustion
– Joshua Schmitt, Southwest Research Institute

21st Century high-efficiency coal-fired steam generator with integral emissions control
– Keith Moore, CastleLight Energy Corp

Chair: Hisanori Nei

The economic and strategic value of coal
– Paul Baruya, IEA Clean Coal Centre

The importance of CCU and CSR for coal’s survival in the EU
– Vladimir Budinsky, Svereroceske doly a.s

Coal in the 21st Century
– Liam McHugh, World Coal Association

Environmental and social responsibility in the coal supply chain
– Gavin Rowson, Bettercoal

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Kenneth Medlock – Baker Institute

Barry Worthington – Executive Director, United States Energy Association

Andrew Minchener – General Manager, IEA Clean Coal Centre

Room 2

Chair: Corwyn Bryce

US DOE/NETL large pilot-scale testing of advanced carbon capture technologies
– Lynn Brickett, NETL

An update of CO2 capture technologies for coal power plants, their potential to reduce costs and the flexible integration in the electricity grid
– Monica Garcia, IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme

Updating the benchmark post-combustion CO-capture technology
– Paul Feron, CSIRO

Carbon emissions management: technology innovation and the path to commercialization
– Christopher Hessler, The Institute of Clean Air Companies

Chair: Ayaka Jones

Satisfying thirsty power: The water-energy nexus
– Vincent Tidwell, Sandia National Laboratory

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Water neutral heat rejection system for a 2nd generation CCS facility: novel process optimizations using additional recovered water while maintaining the water balance
– Stavroula Giannaris, The International CCS Knowledge Centre

Water issues and wastewater treatment
– Lesley Sloss, IEA Clean Coal Centre

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Chair: John Marion

Moving Bed Chemical Looping System for Coal Combustion and Gasification: Process Development and Assessment
– Andrew Tong, Ohio State University

Comparison of a full range of oxygen carrier materials for chemical looping combustion
– Pilar Gayan, Instituto de Carboquimica

An investigation of bimetallic Cu-Fe and Mn-Fe oxygen carriers for coal chemical looping assisted by oxygen uncoupling (CLaOU)
– Ping Wang, NETL

Evaluation of different strategies to improve the efficiency of coal conversion in a 50 kWth chemical looping combustion unit
– Alberto Abad, Instituto de Carboquimica  

Reduced chemical mechanism for a chemical looping combustion system
– Hong-Shig Shim, Reaction Engineering International

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Room 3

Chair: Horst Hack

Evaluation of a contribution of coal-fired power plant’s flexibility to a power system during increasing shares of renewable energies
– Fumihiko Yoshiba, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry

Better fuel distribution to improve combustion during flexible load operation
– Ron Hurst, Ammegen

Power plant efficiency and flexibility improvements with AdvX™
– Blake Stapper, Ljungström

Coal plant in the ERCOT electricity market – Warren Lasher, Electricity Reliability Council of Texas

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Chair: Monica Garcia

Graphene oxide-PEEK hybrid membrane process for CO2 capture
– Shiguang Li, Gas Technology Insitute, Air Liquide

Reaction enthalpy conversion in amine-based post-combustion CO2 capture
– Paul Feron, CSIRO

Retrofit CO2 capture membranes: effect of performance and capture rate on plant efficiency cost
– Timothy Fout, NETL

Catalyst-promoted solvent reduces the capital and expenditures for CO2 capture from coal flue gases
– Maohong Fan, University of Wyoming; Ahmed Aboudheir, Aboudheir Consulting

Chair: Alberto Pettinau

Unconventional methane production from deep seams through combined coal bed methane and underground coal gasification technologies: Project MEGAPlus
– Krzysztof Kapusta, Główny Instytut Górnictwa

The εUCG™ technology with ultra-low carbon emissions
– Michael Blinderman, Ergo Exergy Technologies

Reactivity of petcoke chars generated in a high-pressure, high-temperature, flow reactor under various gaseous environments
– Sarma Pisupati, The Pennsylvania State University

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Gasification characteristics of coke prepared by blending caking coal with more low rank coal – Jiejie Huang, Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences