CCT 2015 Programme – Day 3

Wednesday 20th of May 2015

Aula Mala

An analysis of the performance of an IGCC plant with a PSA process integrated for CO2 capture
Luca Riboldi, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) – Norway

Performance of hot gas desulfurizer and SEWGS process for pre-combustion CO2 capture using real syngas from a coal gasifier
Dr Ho Jung Ryu, Korea Institute of Energy Research – Korea

Increasing the flexibility of IGCC power plants
Mr Chris Higman, Higman Consulting – Germany

Suitability of a bifunctional catalyst/sorbent material for sour SEWGS processes
Dr Marta Marono, CIEMAT – Spain

Effect of amine blends on Pre-Combustion CO2 capture
Mrs Noraziah Muda, Tenaga Nasional Research – Malaysia

Modelling of a coal to SNG process for a German, Greek, and Polish Lignite
Mrs Efthymia-Ioanna Koytsoumpa, National Technical University of Athens – Greece

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Sulfur release behavior during entrained flow coal gasification
Sarma Pisupati, Pennsylvania State University – USA

Modelling of char-CO2 reaction kinetics and pore surface evolution under elevated pressure conditions
Martyna Tomaszewicz, Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal – Poland

CFD investigation of the gasification behavior of four Australian coals in a 5MW pilot-scale reactor
Dr Michele Vascellari, ZIK Virtuhcon, Freiberg University of Mining and Technology – Germany

Modeling and economic evaluation of carbon
capture and storage technologies integrated into SNG plants
Claudia Bassano, ENEA – Italy

Assessment of energy vectors polygeneration concepts based on solid fuel direct chemical looping systems
Dr Eng Calin-Cristian Cormos, Babeș-Bolyai University – Romania

Techno-economic evaluation of coal-to-ammonia plant
Mr Seunghyeon Yeon, Hyundai Engineering and Construction – Korea

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New and efficient utilisation of Hungarian low rank coal
Dr Andras Kallay, Methunol – Hungary

Co-liquefaction of coal with wastes
Mr Cemil Koyunoğlu, Istanbul Technical University – Turkey

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Aula Średnia

Aula Mala | Aula Średnia | Sala Seminaryjna

U.S. Department of Energy’s CCT and CCS RD&D Activities – An Update
Mr Scott Smouse, National Energy Technology Laboratory – USA

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TAURON Group – Innovation as the way to the modern energy industry
Dr Krzysztof Lampert, TAURON Polska Energia – Poland

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Supercritical CO2 cycles for coal-fired power plants
Mounir Mecheri, EDF – France

Development and application of advanced sensors and controls for highly efficient power and energy systems
Dr Robert Romanosky, National Energy Technology Laboratory – USA

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On-line optimization in coal-fired power plants 
Mr Howard Rosenof, NeuCo – USA

Unconventional power cycles for HELE power generation from coal
Dr Qian Zhu, IEA Clean Coal Centre – UK

Towards zero waste coal power plant
Dr Tomasz Szczygielski, Warsaw University of Technology – Poland

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Oxy-fuel combustion integrated with a CO2 processing unit
Prof Wojciech Nowak, AGH University of Science and Technology – Poland

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Corrosion of metal surfaces by trisulphates formation in oxy-co-combustion
Dr M Carmen Mayoral, Instituto de Carboquimica (CSIC) – Spain

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SO3 and sulfates levels detected in co-firing of coal and biomass blends under oxy-firing conditions 
Dr Nelia Jurado, Cranfield University – UK

Dynamic modeling of oxy-combustion power plant
Andrzej Sachajdak, Silesian University of Technology – Poland

Upgrading the efficiency of the world’s coal fleet to reduce CO2 emissions
Dr Ian Barnes, IEA Clean Coal Centre – UK

Perspectives of power to methanol technology in the power and process industries
Mrs Efthymia Ioanna Koytsoumpa, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems – Germany

An overview of lignite development activities in Australia
Dr Phil Gurney, Brown Coal Innovation Australia – Australia

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Application of Near-zero PM, SO2 and NOx Emissions Technology for Coal-fired Power Plants
Dr Xinglong Zhou, Shenhua Guohua – China

Dr Andrew Minchener

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Dr Gianni Serra

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Sala Seminaryjna

Aula Mala | Aula Średnia | Sala Seminaryjna

Regenerable sorbents for mercury capture from coal combustion gas
Prof Colin Edward Snape, University of Nottingham – UK

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Mercury reemission control for wFGDs
Mr John Meier, Nalco – USA

Effect of NO and O2 on mercury capture efficiency of a regenerable sorbent under oxycoal combustion conditions
Dr M Teresa Izquierdo, Instituto de Carboquimica (CSIC) – Spain

Ageing, deactivation and regeneration of SCR-deNOx-catalysts – effects on mercury oxidation and deNOx-activity
Mr Tobias Schwaemmle, IFK Stuttgart – Germany

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Utility CFB technology developments for flexibile large scale power production
Mr Kalle Nuortimo, Foster Wheeler Energia Oy – Finland

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Circulating fluidised bed boiler – A case study of performance issues and materials
Dr Saravana Bavan Balakrishnan, Parsons Brinckerhoff – UK

Study on operation ranges in both air-mode and oxy-mode for a circulating fluidized bed boiler 
Dr Taehyun Kim, Hyundai Engineering and Construction – Korea

An investigation of defluidisation within bubbling fluidised bed combustors burning washed and unwashed lump coals
Daniel Afilaka, University of Nottingham – UK

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The effect of the densification process on brown coal’s structure and its spontaneous combustion propensity
Mr Mohammad Reza Parsa, Monash University – Australia

Sensitivity analysis of UCG operating parameters on the composition and quality of product gas
Dr Piotr Adam Mocek, Central Mining Institute (GIG) – Poland

Techno-economics of coal bed methane production in the South Wales coal field
Dr Vasilis Sarhosis, Cardiff University – UK

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A full lifecycle UCG pilot carried out by Carbon Energy at Bloodwood Ck, Australia 2008-2015 
Dr Cliff Mallett, Carbon Energy – Australia

Production of power and synthetic natural gas using underground coal gasification
Mr Thomas Gibney, Linc Energy – Poland

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