AUSC 2 Programme

14-15 October 2014

Day 1

Chair: Andrew Minchener

Welcome and introductions
Andrew Minchener and Cesare Murgia

Status of advanced ultrasupercritical pulverised coal technology (Dec 2013)
Mr Kyle Nicol – IEA Clean Coal Centre

Advantages of A-USC in pulverised coal units
Mr Howard Hendrix – EPRI

Technology innovation of the most efficient and greenest coal-fired power plant
MR Weizhong Feng – Shanghai Waigaoqiao No 3 Power Generation Co LTD

Chair: Egidio Zanin

Future steam power plants with highest steam parameters
Dipl-Ing Frank Kluger – Alstom Boiler-Deutschland GmbH

Progress of China 700°C USC development program
Dr Ye Tao – Electric Power Planning & Engineering Institute

The progress of development for A-USC boiler
Keiji Kubushiro – IHI Corporation

Chair: Alberto Pettinau

An elevated T-G unit technology for the next generation of power plant
Mr Weizhong Feng – Shanghai Waigaoqiao No 3 Power Generation Co LTD

Research on material selection of 700°C USC boiler heating surface
Mr Zhihao Tian – Shanghai Boiler Works, Ltd

Design parameters of main steam piping for 700°C A-USC unit
 Professor Yongjian Ye – East China Electric Power Design Institute

Chair: Yongjian Ye

Research progress of 700°C HUSC power plant
Prof Hong Yang – Shanghai Turbine Works Co Ltd

Siemens’ evolution of large USC steam turbines
Dr Rainer Quinkertz – Siemens AG

Investigations on the Ni-based superalloy used for 700? A-USC steam turbine rotor
 Dr Wei Min Wang – Science & Technology Administration Dept of Central Research Academy of DEC

Day 2

Chair: Keiji Kubushiro

Macplus project, early results
Dr Egidio Zanin – CSM

Development of Nickel Superalloy INCONEL alloy 740H for A-USC Boilers
 Dr Stephen McCoy – Special Metals / PCC Energy Group

Production of thick-walled components made from optimized material Alloy 617 B for highly efficient power plants at operating temperatures of 700°C – HWT II
Dr-Ing Karola Klenke – BGH Edelstahl Siegen GmbH

Corrosion phenomena on nickel base alloys for advanced ultra super critical technologies
 Silvia Olivotto

Chair: Frank Kluger

Multiaxial creep testing and modelling on P91 steel
Dr Tommaso Coppola – Centro Sviluppo Materiali

Martensitic and austenitic steels for application in A-USC thermal power plants
Mr Vladimir Skorobogatykh – PJSC RPA CNIITMASH

Economic performance of a carbon capture and storage demonstration-scale project in Sardinia
 Dr Alberto Pettinau – Sotacarbo S.p.A.

Concluding remarks
 Andrew Minchener, General Manager – IEA CCC