3rd ICSC Energy Transition Workshop

Practical routes to achieving net zero

A joint event between the ICSC and Eskom
in Cape Town, South Africa

24-25 April 2024

The 3rd ICSC Workshop on the Energy Transition took place in Cape Town, South Africa on 24-25 April 2024, in collaboration with Eskom.

The welcome address was delivered by Mr Dan Marokane (GCE, Eskom).

The theme was Practical routes to achieving net zero.

It included sessions on:

  • Policies and realities
  • Practicalities of improving coal-fired generation
  • Carbon capture utilisation and storage
  • Integration of energy sources
  • Coal in a circular economy

Registration closed

2-day workshop
incl. lunch & coffee breaks


The International Centre for Sustainable Carbon (ICSC) is part of an International Energy Agency organised network of functionally and legally autonomous collaborative partnerships focused on a wide range of energy technologies known as Technology Collaboration Programmes (TCPs). We provide independent information and analysis on how biomass, coal and other carbon sources can become cleaner sources of energy, compatible with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our comprehensive work programme includes the preparation of well-regarded policy relevant study reports together with a worldwide dissemination and outreach programme.