The role of coal in the energy trilemma

About this webinar

The energy trilemma is the balance of security of energy supply, the environmental sustainability of energy chains, and energy affordability. Put simply, it is the challenge of keeping the lights on in an affordable manner, while causing minimal environmental damage. Developed nations have the will and the funds to invest in lower carbon economies. However, for many emerging regions, where much of the population does not yet have access to the grid, the availability of affordable and reliable electricity is the greatest priority. Growing economies, populations and industries are heavily reliant on baseload, dispatchable power. Currently, most renewable and low-carbon energy options are not baseload or dispatchable and so many regions will continue to turn to affordable and dependable options such as coal.

This webinar discusses why many economies continue to choose coal for their primary energy demand and how the environmental effects of this choice can be minimised to allow coal to act as a bridge towards decarbonisation.