The resilience of coal-based industries in the transition to net zero

About this webinar

Major heavy industries are concerned about the reliability and price of energy supplies and raw materials as net zero emission (NZE) targets become more widespread. The steel, cement, aluminium and chemical sectors are largely dependent on coal in a number of geographic locations, because it is cost-effective, reliable and widely available. The challenge is how can these fundamental industries on which economies depend, continue in a cost-effective and secure manner as NZE approaches.

Thus, from a major heavy industry perspective there are concerns regarding the resilience of the energy system. Alternative energy sources such as renewables, hydro and nuclear are available but have their own associated risks and challenges, such as the intermittency of variable renewable energy, or the ageing asset base of nuclear power.

New and emerging industrial processes are being developed to reduce emissions of CO2 and dependence on coal. They will need to be commercialised rapidly and deployed at scale to have a meaningful impact. This webinar will assess the impact on energy system resilience as countries move away from coal.