Potential markets for high efficiency and low emissions (HELE) coal-fired technologies

About this webinar

Coal-fired power generation is facing significant challenges in some parts of the world, and its use is declining steeply in some economies. However, in others, its importance as an affordable, reliable source of energy is being maintained or increased. Here, the focus has shifted steadily towards the deployment of clean and efficient HELE-based technologies such as supercritical, ultra-supercritical, advanced ultra-supercritical, and integrated gasification combined cycle technologies.

Potential markets for HELE technologies are examined via a series of studies of countries who have indicated that coal is likely to play a role in their future energy planning and strategies, and are considering or actively developing coal-fired power plants based on one or more HELE-based systems. The scale of development proposed varies enormously between individual countries. The biggest are clearly China and India, although there are significant coal-based activities being considered in countries such as Turkey, Indonesia, The Philippines, and Egypt. There are also numerous smaller scale projects under consideration in countries that include Tanzania, Morocco, Mozambique, Cote D’Ivoire, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Individual case studies of selected countries examine the potential for new coal-based power generation and the type and scale of technologies that could be deployed.