Non-energy products from coal

About this webinar

The global energy transition and decarbonisation underway will follow different paths depending on resources; the aim is to create a new hydrogen fuel infrastructure. In the USA with plentiful gas supplies, gas reforming with carbon capture is a front runner, but in Europe, lacking gas, hydrogen valley projects will consist of large-scale wind turbines coupled with electrolysis, storage, and pipeline. These projects have gained urgency because of the Ukraine conflict and the energy shortfall in Europe.

The expansion of renewable electricity has serious implications for the cost and supply of rare earth elements (REE) which are key to the technology, as well as other important resources. Existing supplies of REE ores and other essential elements are largely controlled by China. In this webinar, we will explore the perhaps surprising links between the energy transition and materials derived from coal. The other aspect of the energy transition is climate change, and we will consider the contribution coal products such as carbon fibre and soil agents can make to mitigate effects.