IEACCC and the New Normal

About this webinar

What will the post-COVID 19 ‘New Normal’ look like? Achieving the Paris Agreement targets for climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals require a challenging transition to produce, deliver and use energy that is not only low carbon, but also secure and affordable, while sustaining employment and economic growth. This webinar reviews the latest initiatives of the IEACCC and the developments in our work programme as well as highlighting the importance of a digital presence and our community of knowledge partners.he global power industry is undergoing fundamental changes of decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation, which pose significant challenges to energy systems, especially coal-fired power generation. The power sector has begun a digitalisation process that is transforming the way electricity is generated, transmitted and distributed, and will help it meet the challenges. This webinar reviews the latest developments in digital technologies that can be applied in coal power plants, and how they affect coal power generation, their potential benefits and risks.