How to reduce mercury emissions in Indonesia

About this webinar

This webinar will present the results from Phase 1 of a new US State Dept funded project to reduce mercury emissions from the Indonesian coal fleet. The existing coal fleet has until September 2027 to comply with the Minamata Convention on mercury by “controlling and, where feasible, reducing mercury emissions”. The IEACCC, with the assistance of Uniper and AEA (Atlantic Energy Associates), has evaluated the Indonesian coal sector in detail to determine the most appropriate strategy to reduce mercury emissions across the fleet. Unit-specific data, collected Indonesian stakeholders, suggest that there are around 15 plants which, together, could be responsible for over 40% of the remaining lifetime mercury emissions from the existing fleet. A targeted emission reduction strategy could therefore be significantly more effective than a blanket requirement for control technologies across the entire Indonesian fleet.

This webinar will provide a summary of the data collection and analyses used to produce unit-specific emission estimates. It will also include a summary of the challenges for Phase 2 of this 3 stage project, which will include a “call for proposals” for technology providers to propose projects and policies which will be used by the Indonesian Government to inform their action plan for the coal sector, as required under the Minamata Convention.