Fossil fuel-based energy storage technologies

About this webinar

As variable renewable energy penetration increases, energy storage at fossil fuel-based generation sites may become necessary to enable the successful development of a resilient and flexible electricity network. In many countries coal-fired plants are operating at around 50% capacity. Energy storage provides the opportunity to take advantage of this under-utilised capacity. By pairing with energy storage, fossil fuel-fired plants can operate continuously at or close to full capacity and hence, higher efficiency. The excess power can be stored until it is needed by the grid. Integrating with energy storage can improve the overall performance, reliability and flexibility of existing coal power plants while supporting the increasing penetration of renewables on the grid.

In this webinar, the available and emerging utility scale energy storage technologies are reviewed. The deployment and future market outlook of energy storage systems, and the need and opportunities for fossil fuel-based energy storage systems are examined. The potential to integrate storage systems and coal plants for more flexible and efficient operation is explored.