Emissions and Ash – the challenge for India

About this webinar

Emission standards were tightened in India several years ago, but compliance has been slow, and it seems that this is not so much a technical challenge as an economic or even bureaucratic one. Despite the high ash coals, high-capacity rate and, often, water limitations, India has everything it needs to reduce emissions other than the impetus. Conversely, ash utilisation in India is soaring, with regional and national initiatives accelerating the move towards the 100% utilisation goal. For complete utilisation of stockpiled legacy ash, however, India may need to look more towards “high-end” uses such as rare earth element and cenosphere recovery. This presentation will present the conclusions from two new ICSC reports on multipollutant control and ash management in India. On behalf of the US Department of State, the ICSC will be hosting an upcoming series of free workshops on these subjects in several Indian provinces.