Beneficial uses of fly ash

About this webinar

Global changes to the coal power industry are reflected in fly ash production, with the shift to Asia creating a fly ash deficit in the USA and Western Europe. Amid rising demand, the market price of fly ash has risen and is currently one third that of cement.

As a coal power waste material, fly ash was previously collected and stockpiled.  Now, it is considered environmentally and economically advantageous to increase commercial use of this by-product. Worldwide the total consumption of fly ash exceeds 60%, although this figure can approach 100% in specific regions.

We will consider aspects of fly ash that are changing it from a waste to a commodity product. Cement that contains up to 50% fly ash provides an enhanced construction material for bricks and concrete. Inclusion of ash in cement is one of the most significant industrial means to reduce carbon intensity in the construction industry due to the high energy demand of cement and clay brick manufacture. But ash has many other applications in agriculture, as a minerals resource, and as a component of advanced materials such as metal composites, zeolites and proppants.