Vattenfall seeks enviro nod for CO2 separation facility in Sweden

Vattenfall seeks enviro nod for CO2 separation facility in Sweden Robert Mattsson, project manager for the carbon dioxide separation facility in Jordbro. Swedish state-owned utility Vattenfall AB is progressing plans for its first full-scale facility for the creation of negative emissions at the combined heat and power plant in Jordbro outside Stockholm.

The company said on Tuesday it has submitted an application for an environmental permit for the facility, which is targetted to be established by 2028.

The bioenergy carbon capture and storage (BECCS) project will capture up to 150,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the Jordbro plant, which burns wood chips and wood waste to provide district heating and to generate electricity. The new facility will liquify the carbon dioxide, making it suitable for transportation. The liquid carbon dioxide will then be pumped into bedrock, potentially in the North Sea or on land in Denmark.

A challenge is the current lack of a chain for moving the carbon dioxide to its final destination, the company says. Funding options for the project include participating in reverse auctions, where the Swedish government plans to offer SEK 36 billion (USD 3.5bn/EUR 3.2bn) in subsidies to BECCS from 2026 to 2046. Another avenue is selling negative emissions to private companies.