Vattenfall CEO calls on new German government to be clearer on coal phase-out

* Wants more ambitious offshore wind target

* CHP should be promoted more

Germany’s new government needs to be clearer about how it will handle a phaseout of coal-fired power and also do more to encourage increased use of combined heat and power, Vattenfall CEO Magnus Hall said in an interview with S&P Global Platts Wednesday. Hall said the government should also set a more ambitious target for the amount of offshore wind power generation there will be by 2030. He said the target should be at least 20 GWh, rather than the current 15 GWh. Offshore wind could provide baseload power in a country like Germany, he said. According to an energy agreement between the new government’s probable coalition partners, which has been leaked to the German media, the government will set up a commission to create a plan for a coal phaseout and set a date for the phaseout to be completed.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government set a goal of reducing the country’s emissions by 40% by 2020 compared with 1999 levels. But the new energy agreement does not specify a percentage decrease. Hall said, however, that he thinks the new government will “be under pressure” to try to meet the 2020 goal.