Ukraine’s DTEK signs 210,000-tonne coal contract with Poland

DTEK Energy, part of DTEK holding, plans to import approximately 210,000 tonnes of coal from Poland for reliable thermal generation during the autumn-winter period, Ukrainian media said, citing the holding’s press release. As part of a fuel import contract, an agreement was reached on shipments of thermal coal throughout the entire heating season from September 2023 until March 2024. The first shipments of coal are expected this week.

“The additional volumes of imported fuel will make it possible to ‘insure’ and provide an additional margin of safety for the more stable passage of thermal generation in the coming heating season,” General Director of DTEK Energy Ildar Saleev said.

Over the past four months, DTEK Energy thermal power plants have increased electricity supplies 28% compared to the same period last year. In August, because of the heat, energy consumption in Ukraine was at record levels, and DTEK Energy stations generated 35% more electricity than in August 2022.

In just the first eight months of this year, DTEK Energy thermal power plants supplied almost 9.9 billion kWh of electricity, which is equivalent to the average consumption of 3.3 million families for a year.

DTEK Energy is an operating company responsible for coal mining and the production of electricity from coal within the structure of the DTEK holding company.

DTEK was created in 2005 to manage the energy assets of Rinat Akhmetov’s System Capital Management Group.