Ukraine: DTEK imports 226,000 tonnes of Polish coal since Sept 2023

DTEK Energy, for a more stable passage of the autumn-winter period from September 2023 to the present, imported 226,000 tonnes of thermal coal from Poland.

“This is almost two thirds of the entire volume of imported fuel contracted for the heating season, which was recently increased to 367,000 tonnes. Deliveries continue regularly and, according to the terms of the contract, will continue until the end of March, that is, almost until the end of the heating season,” according to a press release from the energy holding on Wednesday.

As the company noted, additional volumes of fuel allow thermal generation and the Ukrainian energy system to more reliably cope with winter and peaks in electricity consumption, especially during cold periods.

“Our key task is to ensure that Ukrainians continue to have light and warmth. Despite the shelling, which, for example, one of our front-line plants is exposed to almost every day. Despite the lack of internal reserves of generating capacity in the energy system, which arose due to the occupation and shelling of energy facilities last winter. To do this, we continue to restore damaged equipment, carry out a planned repair campaign at thermal power plants, and extract coal at the maximum. We also ‘hedge our bets’ with import supplies,” Ildar Saleev, General Director of DTEK Energy, is quoted in the press release.

DTEK Energy provides a closed cycle of electricity production from coal. The installed capacity in thermal generation as of January 2022 is 13.3 GW. A full production cycle has been created in coal mining: coal mining and beneficiation, mechanical engineering and servicing of mine equipment.