Turkey breaks electricity generation record with renewables, domestic coal

Turkey has broken a new record in generating electricity through domestic and renewable sources, the energy minister has said. “Our national energy [production] continues to be renewed as our investments bear fruits,” Fatih Dönmez said in a tweet on May 26. “We have broken a new record in daily production with 90 percent of our electricity output generated from domestic and renewable sources on May 26,” he said.

Nearly 44 percent of the electricity output on May 24 was generated through hydroelectric turbines, according to an infographic posted by the minister, whereas domestic coal followed with 16.5 percent, wind power with 14.5 percent, solar panels with 7.2 percent, geothermal resources with 5.3 percent and biomass power with 2.6 percent.

In April, nearly half of Turkey’s electricity production was generated by hydroelectric power plants, while the share of wind tribunes passed that of natural gas plants, according to data released by the Energy and Natural Resources Ministry on May 2.

Electricity production decreased by 16.3 percent to 19.1 billion kilowatt-hours compared to April 2019. Out of April’s total production, 47.6 percent was generated by hydro plants, while 13.7 percent was derived from imported coal and 7.7 percent from natural gas power plants. The share of local coal plants in electricity generation was 14.1 percent.