Dr Malgorzata Wiatros-Motyka

Maggie’s expertise is in clean coal technologies and multi-pollutant control. Her recent work has focused on NOx control systems for high ash coal boilers, and the design and management of coal plant for unit cycling.

Maggie is active in the outreach work of the ICSC. She represents the Centre on the committee of the European Conference on Fuel and Energy Research and its Applications (FERIA) and the International Conference on Coal Science and Technology (ICCS&T).  She also assists at a range of ICSC events.

Previously Maggie worked at the University of Nottingham, where she was involved in a variety of research projects including multi-pollutant control from the power generation sector. More specifically, her work included development, testing and optimisation of novel mercury, trace elements, CO2, NOx and SOx systems for coal gasification and combustion exhaust gases, as well as a research into coal and coal-biomass fly ash utilisation.

She graduated in Environmental Engineering (PhD and MSc -University of Nottingham, UK), Mining and Geology (MSc-Eng – AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland) and Territorial Management in The European Integration Process (Postgraduate Diploma- University of Economics in Krakow, Poland).

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