Dr Ian Reid

Ian Reid
Principal Associate
Ian is a combustion technology specialist with over 40 years’ experience in the gas, oil and petrochemicals industry. Ian has produced studies for the International Centre for Sustainable Carbon on Non-energy uses for coal, Beneficial uses of fly ash and is currently working on Advances in the non-energy use of coal.

Ian spent 18 years at BP as a scientific specialist in the invention, development and design of new technologies and associated safety systems. Ian gained experience in a broad range of energy technologies including: energy generation; process safety, intensive reactors for chemical’s production; and oxy-combustion. These activities led to authorship of over 20 patents in the field of high pressure oxidation. These topics have particular relevance to advanced coal gasification technologies.

Prior to 1989, Ian was a researcher at British Gas in the combustion and explosions group at the London Research Station developing a fundamental computerised chemical kinetic model for the auto-ignition of gaseous mixtures.

In 2006, Ian established an independent consultancy providing scientific services on a varied range of combustion related projects that include: catalytic oxidation; accreditation of biofuels; and syngas generation for Fischer-Tropsch fuels.

Ian has specific experience of emerging clean coal technologies, in particular syngas production, including in-situ coal conversion, and the application of carbon dioxide capture in the chemical industry.

Ian has a degree in Chemistry and PhD in gas kinetics and modelling from the University of Aberdeen and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and a Chartered Chemist.

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