SigmaRoc to install carbon capture tech on its Nordkalk [lime] kilns

SigmaRoc announced on Tuesday that it will install its first carbon capture facility in the first quarter of next year, aiming to capture all kiln process emissions by 2030, well ahead of its 2040 ‘net-zero’ target.

The AIM-traded firm said it had entered into an agreement with Aqualung Carbon Capture, which it described as a “leading” membrane carbon capture and separation technology provider. It said the two companies would construct Europe’s first industrial-scale facility of its type at Nordkalk in the first quarter of next year, with each “shipping container-sized unit” set to be capable of capturing up to 25% of the process emissions of one of Nordkalk’s typical kilns, using Aqualung’s “low energy intensive” technology.

Once installed, a full roll-out plan would be finalised to equip all operating group kilns with the technology before 2030.

“Our partnership with Aqualung is an exciting next step for the group, and the fruit of many months of diligent work by Aqualung, and our technical teams in the UK and at Nordkalk,” said chief executive officer Max Vermorken.

“It demonstrates that capturing all process emissions is possible, with existing technology and at industrial scale. “Once we roll this out across the group, I believe we will be industry leading when it comes to our carbon capture strategy, demonstrating again the agility of our business and our business model.”–11478056.html