Romania’s coal production declines 1.5pct Jan.-May 2022, imports up 55.4pct

Romania’s net coal production in the first five months of 2022 reached almost 1.2 million tonnes of oil equivalent (toe), down 1.5% (17,800 toe) y-o-y, according to data with the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

In the first five months of 2022, Romania imported 252,500 toe of net coal, up 90,000 toe (55.4%) y-o-y.

The National Economic Strategy and Forecasting Board (CNSP) expects Romania’s 2022 coal production to reach 3.325 million toe, up 10.1% from 2021, and imports to go up to 420,000 toe, up 2.8%. For 2023, CNSP projects a production of 3.595 million toe, up 8.1%, and imports of 420,000 toe, down 0.1%.

Under Romania’s National Energy Strategy, total coal production will decrease from 32 TWh in 2030 to 12 TWh in 2050, with the trend of reducing coal in the energy mix (45 TWh in 2020) expected to continue.

For 2030, a Best Scenario modelling shows that the energy produced from coal will record a slight decrease to 15.8 TWh, making up 20.6% of the mix. AGERPRES