Trends in SO2 emissions, CCC/115

Over the last century, growing population and expanding economic activities resulted in a significant increase in energy consumption, road transport volume and industrial output leading to dramatic increases in SO2 and other pollutant emissions. Air pollution due to SO2 emissions exerts serious impacts on public health and our environment. Strenuous efforts began in the 1970s in many countries to abate air pollution caused by emissions of SO2 and other air pollutants. Over the past two decades, SO2 emissions in most OECD countries have fallen due to the implementation of sulphur emission controls and a shift to lower sulphur fuels. SO2 emissions in most Central and Eastern European countries also declined during the 1990s. However, the emissions in other regions, especially in parts of Asia, are a major and growing problem.


Title: Trends in SO2 emissions, CCC/115
Author(s): Qian Zhu
Reference: CCC/115
ISBN: ISBN: 92-9029-432-0
Publication Date: 01/09/2006
Pages: 49
Figures: 18
Tables: 22