Systems for controlling NOx from coal combustion, IEACR/30

This report provides basic infonnation on different systems to reduce NO” emissions from coal combustion. The systems cover NO” reduction during combustion, by flue gas denitrification and by combined denitrification and desulphurisation. NO” control systems commercially available by various manufacturers and those presently under development by private or governmental research organisations worldwide are included.

Each system is presented with the following data:

infonnation on the system;
process applications;
pollution reduction capability.

Information on the supplier/manufacturer is also provided in order to assist in obtaining further data if necessary. Each NO” system is described with a process diagram (where available), except for the selective catalytic reduction systems, where only one diagram describing this process is included for reference. The data have been extracted from the lEA Coal Research NO” systems database.

The report has worldwide coverage comprising 115 systems for NO” reduction in total. These are 33 combustion systems, 25 selective catalytic reduction systems, 23 catalyst manufacturers, 8 selective non catalytic reduction systems and 26 combined SOx/NO” removal systems.


Title: Systems for controlling NOx from coal combustion, IEACR/30
Author(s): Anna-Karin Hjalmarsson , Hermine Nalbandian Sugden
Reference: IEACR/30
ISBN: ISBN: 92-9029-182-6
Publication Date: 01/12/1990
Pages: 24
Figures: 60
Tables: 2