Residues from advanced coal-use technologies, IEAPER/30

The latest in the series of Perspectives reports from IEA Coal Research reviews the management of residues from advanced coal-use technologies. There is now a wide variety of distinctive by-products resulting from advanced coal-fired power generating technologies such as CFBC, PFBC and IGCC. The successful adoption of these technologies will depend partly on satisfactory management of the by-product streams. This Perspectives report provides an overview of the management of residues from such advanced systems. The characteristics of some of these residues lend themselves to engineering and construction applications. However, the residues are sufficiently distinct from those produced by conventional pulverised coal use that they cannot simply enter the existing ash market. Until sufficient quantities of residues from these technologies are produced, quality control measures cannot be performed and their use in most applications will need to be determined on a case-by-case basis.


Title: Residues from advanced coal-use technologies, IEAPER/30
Author(s): Dr Lesley Sloss
Reference: IEACR/88
ISBN: 92-9029-270-9
Publication Date: 01/11/1996
Pages: 40
Figures: 13
Tables: 14