Pulverised coal ash – requirements for utilisation, IEACR/88

Coal ash is an inherently variable material due to differences in the mineral content of the source coal, combustion conditions, and ash collection and handling methods. This affects the marketability of pulverised coal ash. Markets in different countries are discussed with respect to opportunities and obstacles to their development. Recent publications on applications for pulverised coal ash are reviewed briefly. A knowledge of the chemical, mineralogical and physical properties of fly ash and bottom ash is essential for the more specialised utilisation sectors such as cement and concrete. Methods for the classification of fly ash are reviewed. Standards and specifications used in various countries for use of coal ash in different applications are discussed along with the appropriate test methods. Quality assurance procedures which suppliers use to ensure fly ash meets these specifications are also included. The marketability of fly ash may be improved by a number of beneficiation processes. Processes such as dewatering, blending, agglomeration, grinding, sieving, air classification, flotation, carbon burnout and electrostatic separation are discussed, including some examples of processes which are being actively developed.


Title: Pulverised coal ash – requirements for utilisation, IEACR/88
Author(s): LL Sloss, Irene M Smith , Deborah Adams
Reference: IEACR/73
ISBN: 92-9029-241-5
Publication Date: 01/06/1996
Pages: 88
Figures: 29
Tables: 23