Prospects for hydrogen from coal, CCC/78

With increasing concern over greenhouse gases and the move towards the ‘hydrogen economy’, coal needs to overcome the obstacle of being the most carbon intensive energy source. This report gives an overview of new concepts being developed worldwide for the production of hydrogen from coal as well as processes currently under development for the co-production of H2/clean fuels and electricity from coal syngas. It highlights the advancements in technologies for gas separation (H2 and CO2) to make the use of H2 from coal technically and economically feasible. Recent developments for CO2 capture from coal syngas are detailed in this study, but not the technologies for CO2 sequestration. This report does not review gasifier designs for the production of syngas from coal nor the development of fuel cells for use with coal syngas, as these topics were partly covered in two recent reports from the IEA Clean Coal Centre.


Title: Prospects for hydrogen from coal, CCC/78
Author(s): Anne-Gaëlle Collot
Reference: CCC/78
ISBN: ISBN: 92-9029-393-4
Publication Date: 01/12/2003
Pages: 76
Figures: 24
Tables: 18