Prospects for coal and clean coal technologies in Poland, CCC/119

Poland possesses the largest coal reserves in Europe. Coal dominates Polish energy supply, covering around two thirds of the country’s primary energy demand and producing most of its electricity. Despite predicted decreases in future production and consumption, and competition from other fuels, there seems little doubt that coal will remain crucial to the Polish economy for many years. Several types of clean coal technology are currently deployed or being introduced. Many conventional PC power plants have been modernised, and significant investment has been made in replacing some outdated PC capacity with circulating fluidised bed based systems. These operate with subcritical steam conditions although one new project is deploying supercritical (SC) conditions. There are also two SC lignite fired PC plants at different stages of development. The success of these projects may encourage further uptake of the technologies and influence decisions on replacement of existing generating capacity when retired. Until recently, prospects for deployment of IGCC in the immediate future appeared limited. However, a major technology developer is currently establishing a technology centre in Warsaw with a view to promoting its IGCC technology within Poland and other parts of Europe.


Title: Prospects for coal and clean coal technologies in Poland, CCC/119
Author(s): Stephen Mills
Reference: CCC/119
ISBN: ISBN: 92-9029-435-3
Publication Date: 01/01/2007
Pages: 45
Figures: 18
Tables: 24