Management of AFBC residues, IEACR/21

This review focuses on the potential for utilisation of AFBC residues. The quantities of residues produced by AFBC are compared with those from other uses of coal. The sources of the wide variability in the chemical, physical and geotechnical characteristics of AFBC residues are examined with a view to optimising them for disposal and utilisation. Current legislation and associated leaching tests are reviewed critically with respect to their applicability to AFBC residues and the results of tests on the characterisation of the leachates from AFBC residues are cited for different conditions. Disposal practices are described with details from some specific plants. Utilisation options in agriculture, building and structural materials, pollution control and materials recovery are reviewed on the basis of available results from laboratory studies and demonstrations. It is concluded that management strategies for AFBC residues need to be optimised with site-specific conditions and requirements. Standard leaching tests are largely not capable of evaluating the long term leaching behaviour of AFBC residues at disposal sites. Long term assessments are however required both for disposal and utilisation. Whilst many appropriate uses for AFBC residues have been demonstrated, the wide variability of the residues is a major handicap to commercialisation.


Title: Management of AFBC residues, IEACR/21
Author(s): Irene M Smith
Reference: IEACR/68
ISBN: 92-9029-234-2
Publication Date: 01/02/1990
Pages: 83
Figures: 23
Tables: 28