Coal mine site reclamation, CCC/216

Coal mine sites can have significant effects on local environments. In addition to the physical disruption of land forms and ecosystems, mining can also leave behind a legacy of secondary detrimental effects due to leaching of acid and trace elements from discarded materials. This report looks at the remediation of both deep mine and opencast mine sites, covering reclamation methods, back-filling issues, drainage and restoration. Examples of national variations in the applicable legislation and in the definition of rehabilitation are compared.

Ultimately, mine site rehabilitation should return sites to conditions where land forms, soils, hydrology, and flora and fauna are self-sustaining and compatible with surrounding land uses. Case studies are given to show what can be achieved and how some landscapes can actually be improved as a result of mining activity.


Title: Coal mine site reclamation, CCC/216
Author(s): Dr Lesley Sloss
Reference: CCC/216
ISBN: ISBN: 978-92-9029-536-5
Publication Date: 01/02/2013
Pages: 70
Figures: 30
Tables: 10