Coal classification, IEACR/12

Literature (mainly post 1980) on coal classification is reviewed. Over the years many classification systems have been
proposed for coal. Some of the classification systems currently in use in the member countries of IEA Coal Research are
examined. These include Seyler’s chart, the ASTM (used in North America), NCB (UK), Australian (including the new 1987
system), German (Ruhr) and international (for both hard and soft coal) classifications. The new international codification
system is also covered. Reasons for the poor fit of some coals are discussed. The properties of coal (chemical, physical,
mechanical and petrographic) that are used as classification parameters, and their determination, are described. A short section is included on potential analytical techniques. Properties of relevance in combustion, liquefaction and coking of coal and their use, or potential use, as classification parameters are then examined. (387 refs.)


Title: Coal classification, IEACR/12
Author(s): Anne Carpenter
Reference: Ref: IEACR/12
ISBN: ISBN: 92-9029-162-1
Publication Date: 01/10/1988
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