Coal as an energy source, CCC/20

The prospects for coal are of importance to many different interest groups. First among these are the companies, workforces and research bodies involved in the extraction, processing and use of coal itself. Second are the parallel bodies involved in other major fuels, perhaps in particular natural gas and renewable energy sources. Third, the availability and price of energy is a vital component in the success or otherwise of a wide range of industries, but especially those which are heavily energy-intensive. Fourth, coal has significant implications for the environment, locally, regionally and globally. This report reviews the world coal situation with reference to 22 contrasting countries, including Australia, China, Germany, India, Japan, Poland, Russia, South Africa and USA, which comprise the major producers and consumers. Chapters look at reserves and production; consumption; driving forces behind national and regional coal policies; and likely future trends. The report seeks to project, in broad terms, the changing volumes and patterns of coal use until 2010, and the likely factors which will affect consumption between 2010 and 2020.


Title: Coal as an energy source, CCC/20
Author(s): Malcolm Grimston
Reference: CCC/20
ISBN: ISBN: 92-9029-329-2
Publication Date: 01/08/1999
Pages: 63
Figures: 10
Tables: 5