Clean coal technologies roadmaps, CCC/75

A number of clean coal technology (CCT) roadmaps have emerged recently because of increased interest and concern regarding future energy supplies. This report by the IEA Clean Coal Centre is the second in a series of three reviewing the way forward for coal. It considers the probable costs of the main technologies and compares their conomics with those of natural gas combined cycle power generation. It reviews existing roadmaps and other strategic programmes to develop CCTs and makes suggestions for outline roadmaps, taking into account barriers. A separate report reviews the current status of the technologies themselves. The third report (Towards zero emissions) will consider zero or near-zero emitting technologies in more detail.

In an annex to the report, the IEA Coal Industry Advisory Board (IEA CIAB) presents a commentary from industry on how the roadmaps respond to the issues affecting coal’s crucial role of bringing balance and security to global energy markets, both now and in the future.


Title: Clean coal technologies roadmaps, CCC/75
Author(s): Dr Colin Henderson
Reference: CCC/75
ISBN: ISBN: 92-9029-390-X
Publication Date: 01/10/2003
Pages: 39
Figures: 12
Tables: 12