A Pathway to Reducing Emissions from Coal Power in India (IEACCC-CIAB)


India’s energy demand will continue to grow over the next 20 years. India currently relies on coal for more than 70% of its power generation and thus its massive domestic reserves of coal will continue to be used. India’s coal power sector contributes 1.1 GtCO2y. Coal combustion also contributes to poor air quality. Increased coal consumption can be separated from increasing emissions of CO2 by the retirement or upgrading of subcritical units and the increased use of high efficiency, low emissions (HELE) plant. Compliance with the 2015 emission standards for NOx, SOx and PM is delayed, but they could be met by using technologies and practises widely used in other parts of the world. There is potential for CCUS in India. Practical and policy recommendations are made for how India can meet its growing energy demand with its domestic coal reserves, while reducing emissions of CO2 and improving air quality.


A Pathway to Reducing Emissions from Coal Power in India

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Debo Adams, Toby Lockwood, Paul Baruya, Dr Malgorzata Wiatros-Motyka, Dr Qian Zhu

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Publication date

10 February 2021