Public consultation: GRI Sector Standard for Coal

The GRI Standards – the world’s most widely used standards for sustainability reporting – are expanding to cover sectors. The draft Coal Standard highlights the sector’s impacts on the environment, economies, and people, including how it addresses climate change and the ongoing low-carbon transition. The draft Standard is open for public consultation until 30 July.

Developed by a multi-stakeholder working group of experts, the draft Standard covers 22 topics – the most critical sustainability topics for organizations engaged in coal activities. The intended outcome is to focus sustainability reporting on the impacts that matter most.

The draft Standard and questionnaire to leave feedback can be accessed on the GRI website:

Free live webinars on the Standard’s contents are also available for interested parties:

2 June 2021 1:30 PM CET: Register here
2 June 2021 12:00 PM ET: Register here
3 June 2021 3:00 PM AEST: Register here