Poland imports gigantic amounts of oil, gas, and coal from Russia

Not only are we at the forefront of the EU when it comes to coal dependence, but we also pay a fortune for energy imports. And where from? Mainly from Russia. Forum Energii experts have no doubts: in the last 20 years, Poland has recorded one of the largest increases in fossil fuel imports among EU countries.

Poland spent over PLN 1 trillion in 20 years on importing oil, coal, and gas. Their main supplier is Russia; the lion’s share of this sum went there. Within two decades, the import of coal to Poland increased by 756 percent, oil by 41 percent, and gas by 118 percent. It is difficult to ignore this topic in the discussion and the costs of the energy transformation.

At the same time, the EU saw coal imports drop by nearly 20 percent and oil imports by 7 percent. On the other hand, EU gas imports increased – by more than 50 percent.

“There is no doubt that many countries in the world, especially Russia, are interested in Poland not changing and continuing to use coal, oil, and gas,” the authors of the report concluded.