Pakistan: Sahiwal Power Plant: world’s most reliable and eco-friendly facility

The Sahiwal coal-fired power plant is the flagship project of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) completed by Huaneng Shandong Ruyi (Pakistan) Energy Private Limited(HSR). The project is based upon build-operate-transfer mode and after 30 years of operation will be transferred to government of Punjab. This project has played a vital role in overcoming the shortage of electricity in Pakistan and has done so by taking care of its local surroundings and people.

According to the world coal association coal fired power plants are producing currently 41% of global electricity around the world in developed countries. Coal fired power plants acts as one of the most reliable source of generating electricity around the world, in terms of generation as it is available throughout the year. Electricity generated by coal fired power plants is most economical and has stable tariff, as compared to other sources of thermal energy, as they are more liable to change. With the development of the technology different measures have been developed, which ensure the generation of the electricity from coal fired power to be environmental friendly. Such methods have been used for the first time in Pakistan by Huaneng Shandong Ruyi, in Sahiwal.

Sahiwal Coal Fired Power Plant is Pakistan’s first supercritical coal-fired power plant, consisting of two units of 660 MW each having total capacity of 1320 MW. Which offer much greater efficiency than older sub-critical designs and most importantly lower emissions.

Sahiwal Power Plant uses world’s most efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly supercritical technology. The coal being imported from South Africa having gross calorific value greater than 55800 kcal/kg.

Power plant is equipped with combination of worlds most developed and efficient emissions treatment technologies, to make sure the emissions from the stack remains well below the environmental limits as directed by Punjab Environmental Quality Standards and World Bank guidelines for Power Plants. Flue gas treatment technologies include Low NOx Burners, highly efficient electrostatic precipitators and Lime-Gypsum Flue Gas Desulfurization with Sox. Following these treatment technologies emissions from Sahiwal Power plant not only fall well within Punjab Environmental Quality Standards but also meet the criteria of international emissions Standards. Moreover Sahiwal Power plant has installed Continuous Emission Monitoring System and Ambient Air quality Station that is being operated and monitored around the clock. These steps ensure that the emissions from the chimney and ambient air quality of surroundings are meeting the environmental guidelines.

Sahiwal Power Plant is using water from Lower Bari Doab Canal (LBDC) for its regular operations. Advanced decentralized wastewater treatment system has also been installed to treat different types of wastewater at source and treated wastewater is then used horticulture and cleaning purposes therefore no waste water in discharged from the complex. Ali Ijaz Assistant Director Environment, Sahiwal, has always appreciated the steps taken by the management of the power plant towards following the NEQs of EPA.

At present, more than 30,000 trees and 140,000 square meters of turf have been planted, which not only beautifies the surrounding, but also effectively improves the ecosystem. In response to the tree plantation drive for Green Pakistan by the Prime Minister, tree planting activities were launched on September 9th, which aims to plant 15,000 more trees within the complex

During the construction phase, for more than 3,000 locals power plant act as their source of bread and butter, this not only helped to improve their socio-economic conditions but also trained the skilled labor for future projects. During operation phase, Sahiwal power plant is acting as a source of income for more than 1500local staff and suppliers.

As Corporate Social Responsibility Agreement HSR will donate about 200 million Rupees every year to Punjab for social welfare, which will provide medical aid and clean drinking water programs for local communities. HSR has also invested more than 500 million Rupees to build a technical training school to provide free education and technical training for local communities. Sahiwal Coal Fired Power Plant has made a great positive impact on the local economy; the power plant not only provides the clean energy but also has proved to a great facilitator in progress of the locality surrounding the power plant.

On 14 September 2018, reporters from different private and government media visited the power plant; during their visit they were present with facts and figures at site not only on paper but also during their visit of the power plant,which were greatly appreciated by them on television reports and news articles. Sahiwal Coal Fired Power plant has open doors for media so that the true image is presented to the general public, as we believe in the old saying that “seeing is believing”.