Training Courses

ICSC staff provide lectures on all aspects of clean coal technologies and policy development as part of training courses and education programmes.

Monitoring and controlling mercury emissions
In 2019, Dr Lesley Sloss ran a 3-day training course on monitoring and controlling mercury emissions from full-scale coal-fired power plants, for 20 delegates (geologists, students and utility operators). The course was at the request of the Colombian Geological Survey, on behalf of the Colombian Government. It included a site visit to apply this knowledge in real time at a full-scale plant in Paipa, Colombia.

Mercury control
For a short introduction to mercury control, the ICSC can provide a 2-3 hour training session on the use of the UN Environment “iPOG” – a computer model which can predict mercury emissions from basic coal and plant data and can also allow the user to identify appropriate, plant-specific, emission control options.

Bespoke training
The ICSC has the capacity to produce training courses on all aspects relating to the clean use of coal, with the contents being suited to the specific requirements of the delegates. Please get in touch for more details. Certification can be provided upon completion of these courses. For example, in 2014, Dr Lesley Sloss ran a 3-day course covering “The complete coal cycle” for 20 delegates in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Regular lectures include:

Coal market trends and CCT to students of the International Energy Management MSc course of the University of Colorado, Denver. Paul Baruya and Toby Lockwood have been giving short lectures on the latest trends in international coal markets, prices and volumes. In addition, they’ve lectured on the latest developments in HELE coal technologies, deployment and future trends

Various aspects of carbon capture and storage (CCS) by Toby Lockwood to students at the International Sulcis CCS Summer School, which is hosted annually by Sotacarbo in Carbonia, Italy