Outreach Programme


Phase 2

Based on the results from Phase 1 , the Ministry for Environment and Forestry (MOEF) and Ministry for Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR), Indonesia, have confirmed that the three selected PLN units (Suralaya, Paiton and Ombilin) will be engaged for Phase 2 of this project.

Details on these plants and why they were selected are included in the report from Phase 1, which can be downloaded here. A face-to-face workshop was held in Jakarta in January 2023 which brought together the project team, the Indonesian government ministries, and the utilities. Presentations from the event can be found here.

Information gathered from the three plants was used to create a ’call for proposals’. The ICSC network, the UNEP Coal Partnership Area, and other relevant experts are invited to submit recommendations and proposals for mercury reduction strategies for the Indonesian coal fleet. These include:

  • Fuel changes (including biomass cofiring);
  • Plant upgrades and boiler modifications;
  • Co-benefit and multipollutant strategies, which take advantage of current plans for particulate matter (PM), SO2 and NOx control;
  • Mercury-specific approaches such as the addition of halogens and activated carbon.

Following the collation of the catalogue of options, it was presented to the Indonesian government ministries at a high-level event and an associated training workshop in July 2023.