CCT 2019 Poster presentations

CO2 capture and biomass co-firing in a 100 kWth Oxy-CFB combustion system
Tae-Young Mun, Ji Hong Moon, Sung-Ho Jo, Nguyen Hoang Khoi, Sung-Jin Park, Jae-Goo Lee, Myung Won Seo, Ho Won Ra, Sung-Min Yoon, Sang Jun Yoon

Hydrodynamic and Solid Circulation Tests of Oxygen Carrier for 0.5 MWth Chemical Looping Combustion System
Ho-Jung Ryu

Numerical Simulation of Ammonia-coal Co-firing in Boilers with Detailed Chemistry
Sakiko Ishihara

Design of 2nd Generation CCS facility facilitates integration with renewable energy while producing higher capture rates; improving the economics and environmental footprint of the CCS facility
Stavroula Giannaris

Heat integration strategies for performance optimization of a 2nd Generation CCS facility by maximizing flexibility and minimizing parasitic losses
Stavroula Giannaris

Numerical Modeling of Chemical Components’ Concentration in Power Plant Installations
Pawel Regucki – Wrocław University of Science and Technology

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Simultaneous In-furnace Reduction of SOx and NOx Using Limestone and Urea Solution in Oxy-fuel CFB Combustion
Min Kyu Jeon, Jin Han Yun, Chung Kyu Lee, Sang In Keel – Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials

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