3rd ICSC Energy transition workshop

Call for abstracts!

The International Centre for Sustainable Carbon (ICSC) together with Eskom, are delighted to announce our workshop on the Energy Transition, to take place on 24-25 April 2024 in Cape Town, South Africa.

We invite abstracts on the following topics for inclusion in the programme:

  • Developments in carbon capture, utilisation and storage
  • Emissions reduction from power plants
  • The role of variable renewable energy
  • How to maintain a stable electricity grid during the transition
  • How to improve the flexibility of power plants so they can cope with VRE
  • The potential to reduce emissions from hard to abate industries
  • The role of coal in a circular economy – for example as a viable source of rare earth elements, critical for the energy transition.

Abstracts should be submitted via the form below by 29th February.

The International Centre for Sustainable Carbon (ICSC) is part of an International Energy Agency (IEA) organised network of functionally and legally autonomous collaborative partnerships, focused on a wide range of energy technologies, known as Technology Collaboration Programmes (TCPs). We provide independent policy relevant reports and analysis on how coal, biomass and other carbon sources can become cleaner sources of energy, that can contribute towards a low emissions energy transition compatible with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Additional information about the programme is available from: Dr Andrew Minchener OBE, General Manager of ICSC.

Information about the workshop is available on the website and from Benedicte Brocks.

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