Membership benefits

Membership of the International Centre for Sustainable Carbon gives members the assurance of being part of a comprehensive international programme of energy cooperation.

Members of the International Centre for Sustainable Carbon have immediate access to world class analysis and research, and a network of experts dedicated to improving the efficiency of coal use and reducing its environmental impact.

Access to reports and webinars

  • Free access to all analytical reports (approx. 15 per year) to download in PDF format.
  • Access to draft copies of reports and the opportunity contribute to and comment on them prior to publication.
  • Access to an independent, unbiased, credible, thorough and global perspective on clean coal; from mining, transport, combustion, emissions control, carbon capture, increasing efficiency, and management of residues, through to economic country studies and policy analysis.
  • Monthly webinars, based on reports, which can be viewed live or at any time after the event.
  • Members can nominate subjects to be researched (selected at the Executive Committee meetings twice a year).

Superb network with access to expert staff

  • A superb network of contacts via other members and the permanent staff.
  • An online library including reports, emission standards and clean coal technologies.
  • Access to expert staff and consultancy. Minor work provided at no charge.
  • Expert staff available for presentations, including keynotes, at events in member countries.

Workshops and Conferences

  • We run workshops and conferences which we hold in member countries where possible.
  • Our technical workshops (typically 100 delegates) have series on: Advanced USC power plant; Cofiring biomass with coal and Multi-pollutant emissions from coal.
  • We also hold our popular conference on Clean Coal Technologies (CCT) every 2 years.

Support to our members

  • Members’ events are publicised on our events page and are listed in our Weekly news.
  • Press releases by members are included in our Weekly news.
  • The staff contribute features to publications in member countries, as requested.
  • Members have access to discussions in the International Centre for Sustainable Carbon LinkedIn group.