India: EKI arm inaugurates state-of-the-art Biomass Briquettes plant at Nashik

GHG Reduction Technologies, a subsidiary of EKI Energy Services, announced the inauguration of its state-of-the-art Biomass Briquettes (Biocoal) manufacturing plant in Dindori, Nashik, Maharashtra. The inauguration ceremony marked a significant milestone in GHG Reduction Technology’s ongoing commitment towards clean energy transitions and mitigating global warming.

The new biomass briquettes plant represents EKI’s mission to facilitate manufacture products that significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions through its Nashik-based subsidiary. By introducing biomass briquettes as a cleaner and more sustainable alternative to traditional coal, the company aims to contribute to environmental conservation and promote eco-friendly energy solutions.

Biomass briquettes, made from agri-residue such as sugarcane trash, corn cob, soya husk, tamarind, and pomegranate waste, serve as a substitute for coal in boilers and furnaces. This not only minimizes reliance on conventional coal but also plays a crucial role in reducing biomass burning in farm fields, thereby abating local environmental pollution.