IMPLANT – A new project for the development of the new generation of steel for higher efficiency power plants

A multi-partner UK consortium led by ETD, Leatherhead, Surrey, has been awarded a 3-year duration project by Innovate UK (IUK). The project started in January 2020 and will continue until December 2022. “IMPLANT” will develop a novel concept in high temperature boiler plant manufacturing – that thick section steam headers made by shaped casting can be better designed, less liable to premature weld failure, and cheaper than conventional wrought and fabricated equivalents. IMPLANT will also pursue innovative development of the UK alloy IBN1 – an advanced “MARBN” type martensitic steel with controlled boron and nitrogen alloying. Project partners Goodwin Steel Castings will develop novel casting technology, Uniper will address alloy development for improved high temperature performance, Lincoln Electric will supply innovative welding consumables, the Universities of Loughborough and Birmingham will provide expertise in microstructural characterisation and modelling, while ETD will manage the long term test data generation and certification of IBN1.

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