Energy Storage Summit 2022: Sungrow supports carbon neutrality with advanced energy storage innovations

Leading energy storage event Energy Storage Summit has returned this week in the UK, 23-24th February, with summit sponsor Sungrow sharing insights about its energy storage systems (ESS).

The summit will be holding informative sessions and exploring possibilities on policy, supply constraints, financing, technical innovations with participants, tapping the value of energy storage with the goal of carbon neutrality.

Energy storage is a vital path in tackling the volatility and intermittence of proliferating renewable energy. This is critical to facilitating a quick and smooth transition to a low-carbon future. Sungrow is a key industry player. Dr. James Li, Head of Sungrow’s Technical Energy Storage System, has introduced some of the key technology trends which shape energy storage development, and presented a speech with the topic of “How Does Sungrow Energy Storage System Provide Support to Zero-Emission Low Carbon Footprint” to demonstrate the competitiveness of Sungrow in the energy storage arena.

“An experienced supplier like Sungrow with multi-gigawatt hour global deployments of the energy storage system (ESS) can advise the customer at the design phase about potential pitfalls” Dr Li said. “Sungrow will continue to focus on continuous system improvements, for example, to become increasingly reliable, safe and more economical. Safety is the major concern among the global uptake of energy storage technology,” Li adds. Sungrow adopts the comprehensive design concepts from predicting the potential risk to minimizing the impact of the occurred danger, and safeguards every cell in a three-tier BMS system with supervisory controls. The Company’s patented tried and tested technology shows the world that energy storage can be a safe, reliable and sustainable solution to ensure grid reliability amidst demanding market operating conditions.”

Having been pioneering in the renewable energy market for over 25 years, Sungrow has thought about future-proofed product innovations in a considered way. Last year, the Company rolled out its new liquid cooled ESS, enabling cells to have a more uniform temperature throughout the system while using less input energy, stopping overheating, maintaining safety, minimising degradation and enabling higher performance. The innovation has achieved good responses: Sungrow inked a 430MWh project in Israel and a 136.24MWh project in Thailand, both containing the latest liquid cooled ESS.

The experience sharing was not only at the summit but also at the project site. As Sungrow has a profound track record of providing systems and services and boasts some major success stories globally, the Company arranged the site tour to one of its landmark projects, the high profile 100MW/100MWh ESS project at Minety in Wiltshire, for partners during the summit, sharing the credible and profitable reference which benefits upcoming stakeholders and market players. The plant is reported as Europe’s largest ESS project and well meets UK’s dynamic containment requirement with the support of Sungrow ESS.